11 - Robot (fullset)


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Product Description
11 - Robot, 58cm Gem of Doll Special Doll

Fullset Includes:
*Doll (left hand is mechanical hand)
*body make-up
*Mech parts
*Birth and membership card

The gun is not included neither available for ordering.
The doll is only available in Grey Skin.

- Eyes : 16mm
- Height: 58cm
- Head Circumference: 21cm
- Neck Circumference: 8.3cm
- Shoulder Width: 10.5cm
- Arm Length: 17cm
- Chest: 23.5cm
- Waist: 16cm
- Hips: 24.3cm
- Thigh Width: 13.8cm
- Leg Length: 29.5cm
- Foot Length: 7cm
- Foot Width: 2.5cm