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Product Description
Aspa - 64cm Soul Doll Zenith Girl.

Soul Doll shipping cost has been significantly increased due to pandemic impact, please contact us to check shipping cost before placing order.

[Basic Price Includes]
- Basic Doll
- Eyes (size:14mm or 16mm, Basically, same eyes as pictures)
- Kipping box (With cushion)
- Spare string for body's tension
- Certificate

* 1st period Sandy Brown skin order will end on June 30th.
* Clothes includes: Top + Skirt + Lace wrist band + Lace turban + Long veil.

>Height : 64 cm
>Neck : 8.8 cm
>Shoulder width(including arm) :12.5 cm
>Chest : 26 cm
>Waist : 17 cm
>Hips : 27 cm
>Arm (to wrist from shoulder) : 18.5 cm
>Leg (to ankle from waist) : 40 cm
>Feet length :8 cm
>Feet width : 3 cm