Azure Dragon (Fullset)

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Product Description
LoongSoul 2020 Summer Event (2020.07.18 - 2020.08.09):
a. All dolls and bodies: 10% off.
b. Order over $300 of LoongSoul products: get a free pair of eyes (random) as gift.
    Order over $500 of LoongSoul products: get a pet Pet-Aow (white, nude) as gift.
    Order over $700 of LoongSoul products: get a pet Pet-Poi (white, nude) as gift.
Important Notes:
* All rights reserved by LoongSoul for the event.

Azure Dragon (Fullset), 73.5cm Limited Loong Soul Doll, 110 sets limited.

Fullset Price Includes:
Azure dragon (nude), A pair of dragon ears, A pair of dragon horns, Additional hands HB-73-14, Azure dragon stick, High-heeled dragon feet, A pair of lotus bases (transparent), Style Wig WG3-1052, Outfit 73BC-0050 (shoulder armors included), Eyes LH-1021 (16mm with smaller iris), Dragon cloud(with makeup), Certification head plate, Authentication plate, Birth certificate, Mask, Official box.

Doll in pictures is in imported rosy white skin.
Makeup for dragon ears and horns is included in face-up.
Body blush includes makeup for body, additional hands HB-73-14, high-heeled dragon feet, lotus base, azure dragon stick.
Human parts include a pair of arms, a pair of hands, a pair of knees, a pair of calves, a pair of heighteners, a pair of flat feet.
'Special Parts Make-up' means makeup for azure dragon stick, it is already included in Body blush, so if you've chosen Body blush please choose the Special Parts Make-up as 'NO'..

Eyes: 16mm
Height(without horns): 73.5cm (75cm when with height-increase ankle parts)
Head Circumference: about 21.5cm
Neck Circumference: 11.5cm
Shoulder width: 16.5cm
Chest: 33cm
Waist: 22.5cm
Hips: 29cm
Upper-Arm Circumference: 10.7cm
Shoulder to Wrist: 22cm
Leg length: 38cm
Thigh Circumference: 17.5cm
Calf circumference :---cm
Foot length: ---cm
Foot width: ---cm