Chi Zhu . Little Moth


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Product Description
Chi Zhu . Little Moth, 65cm Miracle Doll Boy

Basic Price Includes:
-Basic Doll
-Eyes (random color)
-Wig (random style/color)
-Birth Card

Option 'Special Parts' means: the horns and wings on his head.
the skin tone of horns & wings can be transparent or the same as doll, please write in the comment box if you have a preferred skin tone.

Eyes: 12-14mm
Height: 65cm
Head Circumference: 19.5cm
Neck Circumference: 10cm
Shoulder Width: 15cm
Chest: 28cm
Waist: 21cm
Hips: 27cm
Arm Length: 19cm
Thigh Circumference: 15cm
Calf Circumference: 11.5cm
Leg Length: 38cm
Foot length: 7cm
horns Length: 7cm
Wings Length: 12cm
Wings Width: 8cm