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Product Description
Gem of Doll 2019 Summer Event (2019.6.15 - 2019.07.31) :
a. Dolls & Bodies (except New Dolls): 15% off.
b. New Dolls(Karben, Litidu, Daisy, Debby): 15% off + a same size head as gift.
c. Order USD999 of Gem Products: choose a 27cm Nude Doll (white or normal pink skin) as gift.
Important Notes:
* The event a or b can be enjoyed with c.
* All the above dolls & gifts mean only Gem of Doll products.
* Limited dolls, 11 - Robot (fullset) don't take part in the event.
* Please write in the 'comment box' on checkout page about the gift, or we'll consider that you renounce it.
* In event c., gift head or gift doll can only be chosen in white or normal pink skin.
* All rights reserved by Gem of Doll for the event.

Dora, Limited 44cm Gem of Doll Girl (Worldwide limited 50 sets).

See default body here...

Fullset Includes:
Basic Doll, faceup, body blushing (tattoos included), wig, eyes, certificate, packaging.

If you'd like the glass cover + decorations in it, it costs USD100 + USD46 extra shipping cost, it could be broken during the long international shipping so it's not recommended.
The doll in promo pictures is without lower part of body, actual doll comes with the whole body.

Eyes : 14mm
Height: 44cm
Head Circumference: 18.5cm
Neck Circumference: 7.2cm
Shoulder Width: 8.8cm
Arm Length: 13.5cm
Arm Circumference: 6cm
Chest: 18.5cm
Waist: 14.7cm
Hips: 19.3cm
Thigh Circumference: 11.5cm
Leg Length: 22cm
Foot Length: 5.5cm
Foot Width: 2.3cm

Character Setting
Name: Dora
Title: Awakener
The blooming roses always stimulate Dora's endless potential.
As the most respected priest of the Alanoque desert,
Dora has a strong appeal.
She is good at summoning a variety of immortal ghosts (such as zombies) to work for her.
Before the Celtics invaded,
She dusted herself in an ancient tomb under the desert.
Whenever desert people are being massacred,
The blood all over the place dyed the entire Alanoque,
Bloody roses bloom from the edge of the desert.
The root of the rose grows soaring vertically down to the ground.
Until Dora's left hand is connected,
The Alanook people's blood is awakened at this moment!