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Product Description
Floyer Dark - 73cm Dika Doll, Fullset is limited 25 sets.

Fullset Includes:
Basic Doll
Eyes (Random Color)
Face-up $60
Clothes $535
Wig $123
Birth Card
Cotton Cushion

Fullset comes with 73cm Boy Body Ver. 3.
Hands are long nail special hands (not normal hands), hands are nude without painting.
Clothes includes: crown, fur gown, Fur-collared long coat, stand-collar long dress, inner dress, pants, vest, chest decoration, waist decorations, arm wraps.
The wig is totally hand-made, please don't stretch the wig cap violently.
Weapon means the sword, it comes in grey skin without painting, painting service is not available.

Measurements with Body Ver.3:
Eyes: 14mm
Height: 72.5cm
Head Circumference: 22cm
Neck Girth: 11cm
Shoulder Width: 16cm
Arm Length: 22cm
Chest: 30.5cm
Waist: 23.5cm
Hips: 28cm
Upper Arm Length: 11cm
Elbow to Wrist: 11cm
Wrist Girth: 7cm
Waist to foot-instep: 46cm
Thigh Length: 19cm
Thigh Girth: 18cm
Knee to foot-instep: 21.5cm
Calf Girth: 13.5cm
Foot Length: 8.5cm