Fumble Winter Gals


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Product Description
Fumble Winter Gals, 71cm Gem of Doll Boy

See default body here...

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random Color)
*Birth and membership card

Fullset (limited 30 sets) Includes:
Basic-set (with official eyes), face-up, body blush, wig, clothes, crown, weapon.
Face-up is already included in Fullset price, so if you've chosen Fullset please choose the face-up as 'no'.

Eyes : 14mm
Height: 71cm
Head Circumference: 21cm
Neck Circumference: 10.4cm
Shoulder Width: 16cm
Arm Length: 21cm
Chest: 31.8cm
Waist: 21.8cm
Hips: 28.3cm
Thigh Circumference: 17.3cm
Leg Length: 42.2cm
Foot Length: 8.3cm
Foot Width: 3.3cm

Story Background:
When the sunset approaches the horizon, humans have not yet fallen asleep.
Fenburg ushered in the seventh year of the cold winter.

"Today is the night of the blood moon again. After dark, accompany me to see the Rainbow Bridge." When Youka's cold voice came, Gals was wiping the curved blade in his hand, and then he silently clicked nod.

Fenbur's winter is exceptionally cold, and at night, the cold, storm, and snow are even more wanton. Gals followed behind Arthur Youka, looked up at the red blood moon hanging in the night sky, his thoughts returned to the nine-day battle seven years ago...

The mountains are covered with snow and the wind and frost are like a knife. Fenbur has ushered in a rare winter, and at the same time brought a disaster that is almost extinct for the dragon clan. As a dragon princess, Arthur Youka shoulders the mission of guarding the tribe and survives for the patrons. , Used the forbidden technique to sacrifice his dragon soul, and Gals also appeared at this moment...

Eighteen years ago, the dragon clan also experienced a fight and killing. As the original dragon god of war, Gals naturally took the brunt and shouldered the heavy responsibility of defending the clan. , Bringing light to the scorched land, the people respect him as the god of war. After that battle, Gals left. No one knew where he went, and no one knew whether he was still there.