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Product Description
Lariat - Little Monica 41cm girl.

Little Monica shipping cost has been significantly increased due to pandemic impact, please contact us to check shipping cost before placing order.

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Acrylic Eyes (random color)
*1 Head Cover, Default Box, 2 Pillows
*Certificate of Authentication

Measurements with Body Ver.I:
Eyes : 14mm
Total height : 41cm
Head circumference : 18.1cm
Neck circumference : 7cm
Shoulder width : 8.4cm
Bust circumference : 17cm
Arm length : 16.3cm
Hand length : 4.4cm
Waist circumference : 12.4cm
Hips circumference : 18.9cm
Thigh circumference : 10.2cm
Leg length : 22cm
Foot length : 5.7cm
Heel Foot length : 5.2cm
Heel Leg length : 14.5cm

* Little Monica Dolls will be shipped directly from Little Monica(Korea) via EMS.

* This product was created by LEE SUN HYUN.
* Photos were taken with Normal Skin Doll.
* Order will ship in around 30-40 business days(excluding weekends and holidays) upon receipt of payment.
* If you add Face-Up option, 5-7 extra days will be taken.
* Once body blushing has done, little bit of abrasion can occur around the joints.