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Product Description
Telesthesia & Dragon Doll 2018 Summer Event (2018.06.28 - 2018.09.10):
a. 65cm - 72cm Doll: 10% off + jointed hands (for boy) or heel legs (for girl) as gift.
b. 26cm - 62cm Doll: 10% off + Free Face-up.
c. 65cm - 72cm Doll Body: 10% off + jointed hands (for boy) or heel legs (for girl) as gift.
c. 26cm - 62cm Doll Body: 10% off.
Important Notes:
* in event a. or c., please write in the comment box on checkout page about the gift.
* in event b., please choose the faceup option as 'no', and write in the comment box about gift face-up.

Lilacina - 26cm Telesthesia Doll

The Basic Price Includes:
Basic Doll
Eyes (Random Color)
Birth Card
Cotton Cushion

Fullset Includes: Basic-set, face-up, clothes, shoes, wig.
Face-up is already included in Fullset price, so if you've chosen Fullset please choose the face-up as 'no'.

Eyes: 14mm
height: 26cm
head circumference: 16.5cm
Neck Circumference: 6cm
Shoulder width: 6cm
Chest: 12.6cm
Waist: 11.6cm
Hips: 14cm
Upper-Arm Circumference: 4.5cm
Wrist Circumference: 4cm
Sleeve Length: 8.5cm
Thigh Circumference: 7.5cm
Knee circumference: 5.8cm
Foot Length: 3.5cm