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Product Description
Huajing Doll 2019 New Year Event (2019.01.22 - 2019.02.28):
* Order Yuan or Yue: 12% off + human ears Yuan or Yue nude head as gift.
* Order Ludu: 20% off.
* Order 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 Doll: 12% off + an extra pair of normal hands (random type) as gift.
* Order Giant BB Doll: 12% off + a pair of cat ears as gift.
* Order 1/8 Doll: 12% off.
* Order Doll Body: 12% off.
* Order Doll Head: 12% off.
Important Notes:
* All products/gifts mean Huajing Doll products.
* Please write in the comment box on checkout page about the gift, or we'll consider that you renounce it.

Ludu, 71cm Huajing Doll Boy

See default body here.

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random)
*Certificate card

*Skin tone in the pictures is white skin.

-Eyes: 14mm
-Height: 71cm (when with head)
-Head: 22cm
-Neck: 10.2cm
-Shoulder Width: 16cm
-Chest: 31.5cm
-Waist: 23.2cm
-Hips: 31cm
-Arm Length:23cm
-Leg Length: 36cm
-Thigh Circumference: 17cm
-Calf Circumference: 12.2cm
-Foot Length: 8.2cm
-Foot Width: 3.3cm