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Product Description
72cm Ringdoll boy MengHe.

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic Doll (head+body)
- Eyes(Random Color)
- Package Box
- Certificate

The doll is with double jointed body: RGMbody-02.
Remarks: Resin color in the picture is Normal skin.
The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

Total Height (include Head) : 72 cm
Girth of head: 22 cm
Girth of Neck: 10.5 cm
Width of shoulders: 15 cm
Length of arm: 20.5 cm
Girth of arm: 10.5
Girth of Chest: 30 cm
Girth of waist: 22.5 cm
Girth of hips: 28 cm
Length leg: 40 cm
Girth of thigh: 17
Length of Foot: 8.5 cm

A Tale of South City

----------------------------------------------------Meng He Part --------------------------------------------------------

In Meng He's memory, Qinzhe was always the favored kid in his childhood.
Meng He was the eldest son in his family, while Qinzhe was Zheng's.
He's family run for the royal courts, and Zheng's family was in business for generations. The two families are close and both are the respected and influential clans.
In Meng He's childhood, he remembered that everyone always compared him with Qinzhe Zheng, in their eyes, Qinzhe was educated and reasonable, eloquent, excelled at everything, anyhow Qinzhe was better than him in everywhere.

Young Meng He stood silently in the shadow of Young Qinzhe. Qinzhe was living in the sun, while Meng He wasn't.
He disliked Qinzhe. When the boy's dislike turned into hate, somewhere in his heart became dark.
If I cannot become someone like him, then I will destroy him with my own hands, he said.

At the age of 18, Meng He finally had the chance. When his family wanted to dominate that region, Qinzhe's family insisted on running business and became the biggest block to He's, so He's united others to set the entire Zheng's family up.

On the night of the accident, Meng He asked Qinzhe out to the top of the gate tower alone. When Qinzhe saw the burning sky and found out it was his family house on fire, he turned round surprisedly and restlessly. But only saw one twisty face smiling to him in the firelight, "Did you see? Qinzhe, you are nothing now", Meng He said.

This was the first time Meng He smiled to Qinzhe, but the smile chilled Qinzhe's heart.
"Why are you doing this to me? And why do you leave me alone?" Qinzhe said, almost broke down and lost control.
If I cannot become someone like him, then I will destroy him with my own hands, he said.
"Because I want to see you, the young master of Zheng's who owned everything will become a dog to live on this world." Meng He said. He saw Qinzhe's pretty face twisted in anger and sadness, and he felt the most delight than ever have, he can truly feel that he had already buried the young boy into the dark.
"Qinzhe Zheng, I wish you live like the lowliest dog, you'd better try to survive if you want to revenge."