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Product Description
Miu Fullset, 44cm Ring Girl.

Fullset Includes:
- Basic Doll (head+body)
- faceup
- eyes
- wigs
- Outfit
- shoes
- Fan
- Package Box
- Certificate
- Combined package(Cat ear ,Hair hoop , Hairpin ,Cat tail)
- A a pair of New normal hands(rkghand01 with make-up)

Body and skin color in pictures: RKbody-6, normal skin.

Eyes : 14mm
Total Height (head included) : 44cm
Girth of head: 17.5 cm
Girth of neck: 6.5 cm
Width of shoulder: 8 cm
Length of arm: 14 cm
Girth of chest: 17.5 cm
Girth of waist: 13.5 cm
Girth of hip: 20cm
Length of Leg: 25 cm
Length of foot: 5 cm