MUG082 Red - Limited


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Product Description
MU Studio BJD outfits.

1 hat
1 pair of sleeves
1 chest wrap
1 waist wrap
1 bra
1 skirt
1 pannier
1 underwear
1 pair of stockings

Model in pictures a DD/L (24cm chest).
This item's DDDy & DD/L & DD/M are the same, the chest area could be a little loose for DD/M.
Size DD/L means Volks Dollfie Dream - large chest.
Size DD/M means Volks Dollfie Dream - medium chest.
Size DDDy means Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite.
Size MDD means Volks Mini Dollfie Dream.
DD dolls can be stained if wearing dark color outfits for long time.