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Product Description
72cm Ringdoll boy Qinzhe-styleB.

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic Doll (head+body)
- Eyes(Random Color)
- Package Box
- Certificate

The doll is with double jointed body: RGMbody-02.
Remarks: Resin color in the picture is Normal skin.
The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

Eyes: 16mm
Total Height (include Head) : 72 cm
Girth of head: 22 cm
Girth of Neck: 10.5 cm
Width of shoulders: 15 cm
Length of arm: 20.5 cm
Girth of arm: 10.5
Girth of Chest: 30 cm
Girth of waist: 22.5 cm
Girth of hips: 28 cm
Length leg: 40 cm
Girth of thigh: 17
Length of Foot: 8.5 cm

Characters Intro:
Qinzhe Zhen
Age: Secret
Blood type:AB
Constellation: Gemini
Occupation: Model/ actor
Favourite colour: Red
Interests: Play
Favourite type of girls: waudio-videoes, plump, charming
Types of people being not good with: No

The facial impression on Zhen's face was totally not tireness, it was "You have been fooled by me" instead.
"Hey, Darling, I am sorry I have cheated you, I wanna live for three to five years actually, I think you won't mind, right? I know, we are good cousins!" In shadows and soft light, Zhen showed evil smile," Don't worry, I will pay you house rent. But housework like washing, cooking and sweeping, are all your responsibilities!"
Looking at the angelical smile on this Evil's face, He gnashed.
" Qinzhe Zhen, Sooner or later one day, I will ruin you in person!"