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Product Description
26cm Ringdoll limited doll - Quiz 2.0

Quiz 2.0 is the special limited item of Ringdoll The Infamous series.
The first on sale time will be on 31st December 2014.
Only 30 pics(including basic doll/fullset) for doll lovers and collectors from all over the world this time.

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic Doll (head+body)
- Eyes(Random Color)
- Package Box
- Certificate

Fullset Includes: head with face-up(RKB1) + RSbody-SP with body makeup + eyes(Re-28)+ clothes(Rc20-4)+4needles.
Gifts for fullset: 4pcs Ringdoll exquisite post cards+2pcs Ringdoll refined sticker+ eyes sticker+head sticker+birth card
Face-up & Body Blushing are already included in Fullset price, so if you've chosen Fullset please choose them as 'no'.

-Total Height (include Head) : 26 cm
-Girth of head: 16 cm
-Girth of Neck: 7 cm
-Girth of Chest: 13 cm
-Girth of waist: 11.5 cm
-Girth of hips: 13.5 cm
-Girth of arm: 7.5 cm
-Girth of thigh: 8cm
-Width of shoulders: 6 cm
-Length of arm: 21 cm
-Length from Hip to Foot: 11.5 cm
-Length of Foot: 4 cm

Body and resin colorin pictures: RSbody-SP, gray skin with body makeup.
Limited Quiz 2.0 is only RSbody-SP and gray skin available.