Raccoon Fullset


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Product Description
Raccoon Fullset, 45cm Charm Doll Boy, Limited 50 sets

Default body is CDB-B45-01.

Fullset Price Includes:
-Basic Doll (nude)
-Eyes (LH-1013)
-Clothes (45YF-B006)
-Wig (WG4-1003)
-A pair of ears (no make-up)
-Birth Card

Skin color in pictures is white skin.
The tail is included in clothes.
The Faceup & Body blush are not included in Fullset price.

Eyes: 14mm
Height: 45cm
Head Circumference: 17.4cm
Neck Circumference: 7.5cm
Shoulder width: 7.5cm (excluding arms)
Chest: 19.5cm
Waist: 16.5cm
Hips: 20.5cm
Upper-Arm Circumference: 6.6cm
Arm Length (including hand): 20cm
Thigh Joint to floor: 25cm
Thigh Circumference: 12.5cm
Calf circumference :9.2cm
Ankle circumference :6.5cm
Foot length: 5.8cm
Foot width: 2.5cm