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Product Description
Doll Chateau 2017 Spring Event (2017.01.22 - 2017.03.26):
a. Order Snowborn Centuar - Fullset, get free body blushing and a Larry (with makeup) as gift.
b. Pre-order over $499 of DC products, get a Larry (nude doll) as gift.
c. Pre-order over $599 of DC products, get a Larry (with makeup) as gift.
d. Order any four legs DC doll, add only USD20 to get additional human parts (human belly and feet).
e. Order $500 of DC products get $100 coupon, order $800 get $200 coupon, the coupon can be used in your next DC order, and should be used before July 31st.
Important Notes:
* Only one of the above events can be applied on one order.
* You can use this USD1 Page to add the extra cost for human parts.
* in event a., please choose 'body blushing' option as No, and write in the 'comment box' on checkout page about gift body blushing.

Sleepy - 13.8cm Doll Chateau Special Doll

Default Body is B-body-10.

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic Doll (head+body)
- Eyes(black beads)
- Package Box
- Certificate

The head can't be ordered separately.
Face-up price USD69 includes faceup & body blushing, there are 7 types of faceup & 2 types of body blushing, please write in the 'comment box' on checkout page about which type of faceup and body blushing you'd like .

Height: 13.8cm
Head size: 10.4cm
Neck size:2.4 cm
Shoulder width:2.1 cm
Arm length: 4cm
Chest size: 4.5cm
Waist size: 6 cm
Hip size: 7.6cm
Leg length: 3.2cm
Thigh size: 4.2cm
Foot length:1.4cm