Suyan + gift jointed hands (pink, face-up in stock)


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Product Description
Suyan - 70cm Doll Family Boy (normal pink skin, with face-up, available in stock)

Basic Doll
Acrylic Eye (Random Color)
Birth Card
Cotton Cushion

Gift - A pair of Jointed Hands for the doll (original price is USD70).

Measurements with DF-A 70cm Boy Body:
Eyes: 16-18mm
Head Girth: 23cm
Height: 70cm (with head)
Neck Girth: 11.2cm
Shoulder Width: 17cm
Upper Arm Girth:11.3cm
Lower Arm Girth:10cm
Upper Arm Length:13cm
Lower Arm Length:10cm
Arm Length:30cm (with hand)
Chest: 32cm
Waist Girth (Narrowest): 24.1cm
Waist Girth (at Belly button) 25.2cm
Hip: 31.5cm
Thigh Girth: 18cm
Thickest Calf Girth: 13cm
Finest Calf Girth: 8.7cm
Leg top to foot length: 36.5cm
Thigh length: 16cm
Calf length: 17cm
Foot: 9.0*3.4cm