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Doll Zone Discontinued Dolls Event (2020.01.09 - 2020.02.29):
*Some Discontinued Dolls: 12% off.
Important Notes:
* All rights reserved by Doll Zone for the event.

Teng, 11.5cm Doll Zone Doll

Default body is B10-001.

Basic Price Includes:
-Basic Doll
-Eyes (random)
-Birth Card

Fullset Includes: Basic-set, face-up, body blushing, clothes, wig.

Face-up price $60 includes both face-up & body blushing, the price is $50 each if you'd like them separately
Face-up is already included in Fullset price, so if you've chosen Fullset please choose the face-up as 'no'.

Eyes : 10mm
Height (with head):11.5cm
Height (without head):7.8cm
Head size: 13cm
Neck size: 3cm
Shoulder width: 2.2cm
Arm length: 2.6cm
Chest Size: 5.5cm
Waist size: 6.5cm
Hip size: 7.5cm
Leg length: 3.5cm
Thigh width: 4.3cm
Foot length: 1.4cm
Foot width: 0.8cm