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Product Description
72cm Ringdoll boy The White King--Suit Version.

Fullset Includes:
Basicset + Faceup + Wigs(Rwigs60-87) + Eyes(Re-74) + Outfit(Rc70-82)+ Shoes(Rshoes70-31)

* Body and resin color in pictures: RGMbody-3, normal skin.
* Please see different versions of bodies here.

Measurements with RGMbody-03:
Height: 70.5 cm
Girth of head: 21 cm
Girth of Neck: 11cm
Width of shoulders: 15.5 cm
Girth of Chest: 31.5 cm
Girth of waist: 23.5 cm
Girth of hips: 28.5 cm
Girth of arm: 10.5 cm
Length of arm: 21 cm
Leg Length: 38.5 cm
Length of Foot: 8.5 cm