Valkyrie - Sigrdrifa (Fullset)


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Product Description
Valkyrie - Sigrdrifa, 68cm Ringdoll Girl (fullset is 30sets limited).

Fullset Includes:
head(RTG13)+facup+body(RGL68-1)+eyes(Re-81)+wig(Rwigs60-92)+outfit(Rc68-1)+Shoulder armor(Rot167)+High-heeled feet-05
Buying fullset get a gift--a calendar

-Height: 68cm
-Girth of head: 20.5 cm
-Girth of Neck: 9 cm
-Width of shoulders: 13 cm
-Length of arm: 19 cm
-Girth of Chest: 28 cm
-Girth of waist: 18 cm
-Girth of hips: 26 cm
-Length from Hip to Foot: 37 cm
-Girth of Thigh:14.5 cm
-Length of Foot: 7 cm