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Product Description
Veranoen, 65cm Island Doll (Light Island) Boy.

The Price Includes:
-Basic Doll
-Eyes (Random Color)

Note: the face-up like the pictures is not available, you can order another Island Doll's face-up for this doll, please contact us if you need face-up.

Height: 65cm
Neck Girth:11.5cm
Shoulder width: 18cm
Chest size: 30cm
Waist size: 21.5cm
Hip size: 28cm
Arm Girth: 10cm
Wrist Girth: 6.5cm
Arm Length(from shoulder to wrist): 20.5cm
Leg Length:35cm
Thigh Girth: 16.5cm
Calf Girth: 13cm
Ankle: 8.5m
Foot length: 8.5cm
Foot width: 3.5cm