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Product Description
72cm Ringdoll boy Yann.

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic Doll (head+body)
- Eyes(Random Color)
- Package Box
- Certificate

Fullset Includes:
Face-up is already included in Fullset price, so if you've chosen Fullset please choose the face-up as 'no'.

In pictures, the doll is Normal skin with double jointed body RGMbody-4.
Fullset is only compatible with RGMbody-4 body.
Please see different versions of bodies here.
The make-up on tan skin will be different from the one on white skin and normal skin due to its speciality.

Measurements with RGMbody-4:
-Height: 68cm
-Girth of head: 20.5 cm
-Girth of upper Neck: 8 cm
-Girth of lower Neck: 10 cm
-Width of shoulders: 14 cm
-Girth of Chest: 28 cm
-Girth of waist: 20.5 cm
-Girth of hips: 27 cm
-Length of arm: 20.5 cm
-Length from Hip to Foot: 38 cm
-Girth of thigh: 16 cmm
-Length of Foot: 8.5 cm