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I - (Ida)


Doll Leaves to me represents the perfect beginner doll company.
They are relatively cheap and yet they're high quality. The knees and ellbows are doublejointed, so the doll is VERY posable! I've also found that she holds poses really really well.
I've fallen in love with Doll Leaves Ida the moment I saw her adorable, sad face. I've ordered her with face-up and I was NOT disappointed, she looks exactly as she does on the pictures!
There's only one thing I don't like about her and that's her hands and her wrist joints. The wrist joints don't allow for a high range of motion and once I tried to move her hand too much, the tiny hook in her arm snapped out and broke off a pies of her arm, it was a really really tiny piecer though so it's barely visible. I've talked to other Doll Leaves owners and it seems that it's a common problem. Her hands are also oddly shaped and remind me of little shovels (the fingers all have about the same lenght and they are bent in a weird way).
BUT I really had to nitpick to find anything negative to say about her! She's so beautiful and cute! I definitly love mine! And the price speaks for itself! I've never seen such a beautiful BJD for such a cheap price! Doll Leaves took about 3-4 months to make her, with face-up and bodyblush.
Date Added: 12/05/2019 by Lisa-Maria Scharlipp