27cm Dandan - Sleeping Version

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Huajing Doll 2019 Summer Event (2019.07.02 - 2019.08.31):
* Order Yuan or Yue (nude doll/fullset): 12% off + a pair of heel legs as gift.
* Order 1/6 Dolls,1/4 Dolls,1/3 Dolls,: 12% off + a pair of same size normal hands as gift.
* Order Giant BB Dolls: 12% off + a pair of cat ears as gift.
* Order 70cm Dolls, Bodies, heads: 12% off.
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* All products/gifts mean Huajing Doll products.
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27cm Dandan - Sleeping Version, 27cm Huajing Doll Girl

See default body here.

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random)
*Certificate card

-Height: 27cm (when with head)
-Head: 16cm
-Neck: 5.8cm
-Shoulder Width: 6cm
-Chest: 12.2cm
-Waist: 12cm
-Hips: 14cm
-Upper Arm Circumference:4.8cm
-Arm Length:8.5cm
-Leg Length: 11.8cm
-Thigh Circumference: 8.5cm
-Foot: 3.7cm*1.5cm