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Product Description
Ariana, 63cm Impldoll Girl

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Official Box
*Certificate card

Skin color in pictures is normal pink skin.
Special Parts A means the Staff, Special Parts B means the Crown.
A pair of Random color eyes will come with the doll if you also order the face-up.
65cm body_MGB is only available in large or medium chest (no small chest option).

Measurements with 64cm body:
* Eyes: 14mm
* Tall: 63cm
* Head Circumference : 21 cm
* Neck Circumference : 9 cm
* width of shoulder : 13 cm
* Length of "shoulder to wrist": 18.5 cm
* Chest Circumference : Large-30cm, Medium-28.5cm, Small-26.5cm
* Circumference of waist: 19.1 cm
* Circumference of Hip: 30 cm
* Leg Length : 37 cm
* Thigh Circumference : 16.9 cm
* Calf of Circumference: 11.8 cm
* Feet Length : 7.1 cm