Impl 65cm Girl Body_MGB


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Product Description
Impldoll 10th Anniversary Event (2019.08.20 - 2019.10.15):
a. order over $250 of Impl products: choose an Impldoll head as gift (any non-limited doll head).
b. order over $350 of Impl products: choose an Impl 26cm Nude Doll as gift.
c. order over $450 of Impl products: 10% off or choose an Impl 46cm Nude Doll as gift or can get a next non-limited nude doll at half price.
Important Notes:
* Limited dolls don't take part in the event.
* Please write the gift head/doll name & skin color in the 'comment box' on checkout page, or we'll consider that you renounce the gift.
* You can use this USD1 page to add extra cost for gift doll in special skin color or faceup service etc..
* In event c., if you'd like 10% discont, please write in the comment box on checkout page, we'll give you refund after order is successfully paid.
* All rights reserved by Impldoll for the event.

Includes: 1 nude body (the head in the pictures is not included)

MGB body is characterized by increased joints in the shoulder/thigh and neck.It has more powerful activity than the ordinary body.

* Tall (with head): 65cm
* Neck Circumference : 9 cm
* width of shoulder : 15 cm
* Length of "shoulder to wrist": 19 cm
* Chest Circumference : Large-__cm, Medium-30cm, Small-__cm
* Circumference of waist: 20 cm
* Circumference of Hip: 31.5 cm
* Leg Length : 38 cm
* Thigh Circumference : 18 cm
* Calf of Circumference: 12 cm
* Feet Length : 6.6 cm