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Owner: Marina from the Russia
Items: SPO-101, SPO-112 (The green part fabric of SPO-112 was changed to SPO-004's fabric)

Owner: Janice from the USA
Items: Kay, RD J.Hands, M3 MB009 Grey, SPB201, MMP222

Owner: Luisa from Brazil
Doll: IS Tosaca

Owner: Marina from Russia
Doll: Soul Doll METEL.

Owner: Wiktoria from Poland
Doll: Kelite.

Owner: Wulandari from Indonesia
Items: Nan Gong.

Owner: Deb from Australia
Items: SPO-102 (custom sized).

Owner: Wendy from Netherlands
Items: Soul Doll Glaive.

Owner: Alina from Ukraine
Items: 70cm Jointed Hands, KKB201, G035

Owner: Heike from Germany
Items: KKB034 Coat, OT002, SPO-003

Owner: Linda from Sweden
Doll: IS Muka

Owner: Rose from the UK
Doll: IS Qi Xiao
Items: FW005, FW013, MMP234, BT006

Owner: Marina from Russia
Doll: Dragon Doll Zi Long
Items: SPO-015 Clothes, YJWD3040ln Wig

Owner: Wendy from the Netherlands
Items: DF-A Horns - Red Resin

Owner: Bridget from the USA
Items: SPO-063 Custom-sized, Eyeglasses

Owner: Jean from the UK
Clothes: SPO-102 Custom-sized

Owner: Memy from the Thailand
Shoes: BT353

Owner: Veronica from the USA
Dolls: Ella

Owner: Marc from France
Items: SZD3076 C, G043, G073, KKP016, G079

Owner: Jasmine from UK
Doll: Cantarella (Blank Doll)
Accessories:FW005 wig, KKB215 shirt, KKP013 pants, BT313 shoes

Owner: Kristina from Russia
Clothes: SPO-015

Owner: Lisa from USA
Clothes: G016

Owner: Ray from USA
Item: DF-A Horns

Owner: Tracy from USA
Clothes: KKB027, KKB201, KKB217

Owner: Daniela from Chile
Clothes: G127

Owner: Tasha from Australia
Clothes: G127
Eyes: EHA056

Owner: Anna from Spain
Wig: YJW4074
Clothes: G043
Shoes: BT301

Owner: So┼ła from Czech Republic
Hands: Dika 70cm - 75cm Jointed Hands
Clothes: SPO-002
Shoes: BT306

Owner: Lisa from North Carolina, USA
Clothes: G117
Vampire Doll: Ruber Vampire

Owner: Debbie from UK.
Doll: DF-H Lyre 62cm
Wig: ACWT020 Brown

DF-H Lyre

Lyre (left) with friends

Owner: Amber from the USA.
Clothes:G028, G102, G103.

Owner: Elena from Russia.