Custom Size

Having trouble finding outfits for your doll? Alice's Collections offer a lot of outfits that can be custom-sized to your doll, please see them below:

* All items under 'Stacy's Pink Ocean' category.    >>> See More

* Army Unforms   >>> See More

* Another Dimension line outfits (mostly boy outfits): items start with 'AD'
   The price of AD line outfits is 50% higher for strong dolls such as EID, Impldoll 72cm dolls etc..

* Endless line outfits (mostly girl outfits): items start with 'ED'

* M3 Studio line outfits: items start with M3, MMP:
   only a part of M3 outfits can be custom-made, please contact us before ordering.

How to order Custom-size outfits?
Before placing order, please contact us with the measurements of your doll as well as the items that you're planning to custom-size to check whether it can be done.
When ordering, please write in the 'comment box' on checkout page about which items are for which doll, and also copy the measurements of your doll in the comment box. ^^