Current Promotion List:

Free Shipping to the world:
* Free Express Shipping to all countries: for order includes over USD180 of *ACCESSORIES.
   or order includes (doll over 40cm or body over 55cm) + over USD50 of accessories.
* Free Express Shipping to USA, Canada, UK: for doll over 40cm or body over 55cm (with or without acc.).
* Free Air Mail Shipping: For orders over $35, doll under 46cm.
Important Notes:
* Express Shipping means EMS, DHL, Fedex, TNT, Aramex, SF-Express etc..
* All shipping methods are with tracking number.
* ACCESSORIES means items under these categories - Wigs, BJD Eyes, Eyeglasses, Eyelash,
   Clothes, Shoes, Shoes MS, Other .

Doll Chateau 2020 November Sale (2020.11.16 - 2020.12.16):
* New Dolls Arnold, Baby Arnold: 20% off.
* All other DC Dolls/bodies/heads: 12% off.
* Order over $500 of DC products: get a nude 1/6 Arthur Head as gift.
   Order over $800 of DC products: get a nude Arthur (head + bust stand) as gift.
Important Notes:
* Please write in the 'comment box' on checkout page about the gift if your order is qualified.
* All rights reserved by Doll Chateau for the above event.

Dream Valley 2020 Christmas Event (2020.11.27 - 2020.12.27):
a. New dolls Hela Jellyfish, Rin Jellyfish, Hela Human, Rin Human: 5% off.
b. Order over $600 of DV products: get a nude Kiki as gift.
Important Notes:
* Kiki's makeup cost also can count toward the amount for event b.
* All rights reserved by Dream Valley for the above event.

Maskcat 7th Anniversary Event (2020.12.01 - 2020.12.31):
* Order $350 of Maskcat products get a Cat (nude) for free, and can get another Cat (nude) at USD30.
Important Notes:
* Faceup, clothes don't count toward the USD350.
* All rights reserved by Maskcat for the above event.

Telesthesia & Dragon 2020 Winter Event (2020.11.22 - 2021.01.05): 10% off.

Dika Doll 2020 Christmas Event (2020.12.01 - 2021.01.10):
* 1/3 & Larger Dolls: 15% off.
* 1/6 & 1/4 Dolls: 12% off.
* Doll Body: 12% off.
* Jointed Hands: 10% off.
Important Notes:
* Limited dolls don't take part in the event.
* All rights reserved by Dika Doll for the above event.

ALM 2020 Christmas Event (2020.12.01 - 2021.01.10):
* Order Doll: 15% off + Free Face-up (Puppet Pinocchio excluded ).
* Order Body: 15% off.
Important Notes:
* please choose the faceup option as 'no', and write in the comment box on checkout page about gift face-up.

Kids Sky 2020 Christmas Event (2020.12.02 - 2021.01.15):
a. Order Doll: 10% off + Free Face-up.
b. Order Doll Body: 10% off.
c. Order Doll Head: 10% off.
Important Notes:
* in event a., please choose the faceup option as 'no', and write in the comment box on checkout page about   gift face-up.