BJD Eyes

New Products For July - BJD Eyes

BJD Eyes/BJD Eyeballs

Alice's Collections has a wide range selection of BJD glass eyeballs, there're lots of BJD eyes with different iris colors, different pupil colors, different iris designs, you can make your doll look very different with these eyes.

Putting glass BJD eyes on a BJD dolls will make them look like they're with real human eyes, but have colors that human don't have, it's also great pleasure moving the eyes to different directions to give your BJD doll different expressions and then taking photos for them.

On Alice's Collections, you can get normal BJD eyes, Cat Eyes, eyes with speical patterns/veins, eyes with exotic color combinations and eyes without pupil, there're also cheap special eyebags which include 5 or 10 pairs of different color/style glass eyeballs in one eyebag at very low price.

All of these glass eyeballs are hand-made so the quality could differ, however EACH pair of BJD eyes are already selected by Alice's Collections to ensure the best quality possible and you can still get them at the most reasonal price.