Chinese New Year Holiday & Epidemic Delay Notice:

Because of the long Chinese New Year holiday and the severe epidemic we're sorry that all orders are delayed for at least 45 days, most doll companies and acc. manufacturers are not allowed to start working yet, they should be starting working from late this month, during this period we received no pressure from our lovely customers but only good wishes, we're so grateful for your kindness, great concern and understanding, and we're very sorry for the big delay and the inconveniences it cuases to you.

Everyone at AC BJD are safe and well, we will keep asking doll companies and acc. manufacturers to finish the orders as early as possible. And we will ship whichever order that is ready asap as always.

Thank you so much, you're the best. It's our great pleasure and honor to serve the lovely BJD community. The best wishes to you from China, wish you have a prosporous, happy and most importantly a healthy new year 2020!

Feb.19th, 2020