Covid Delay Notice:

There's currently no lockdown on our city and works are moving smoothly.

June 4th, 2022
Our AD-line tailor's area's lockdown has been lifted early this month and we're starting receiving outfits from them, we'll list AD-line outfits back when the backlogged works are catched up.
We still have many ED-line outfits that are backlogged, most ED-line outfits are currently removed until the works are catched up.

May 16th, 2022
Our AD-line tailor's area (part of Beijing) has been under lockdown for a few weeks, we're temporarily removing AD-line outfits until the lockdown on their area is eased and until the backlogged works are catched up.

Apr. 17th, 2022
Hi dears,

Good news, after about 1 month of lockdown the restrictions are easing, we're back to work now and the shipping services are resuming in the coming few days too, we're doing our best to catch up the backlogged works and will do our best to ship orders asap. Again, thank you so much for your great patience and support from all over the world.

Lots of kisses,

Due to the strict covid policy in China, the lockdown will be eased in a period (usually 1 to 2 weeks) after there's no new local case in our city. Below is the most updated local new cases information:

Apr. 13th 2022: local new cases - 0.
Apr. 12th 2022: local new cases - 1.
Apr. 11th 2022: local new cases - 4.
Apr. 10th 2022: local new cases - 3.
Apr. 9th 2022: local new cases - 9.
Apr. 8th 2022: local new cases - 12.
Apr. 7th 2022: local new cases - 23.
Apr. 6th 2022: local new cases - 21.
Apr. 5th 2022: local new cases - 29.
Apr. 4th 2022: local new cases - 13.
Apr. 3rd 2022: local new cases - 38.
Apr. 2nd 2022: local new cases - 47.

Mar. 22nd, 2022
Hi dears,

Sorry our city (and many parts of China) is under lockdown since about Mar. 17th due to the current wave of covid outbreak, shipping service is stopped (both domestic and international) during this period which means we're not able to get products from our suppliers neither can we send orders to our customers during lockdown period, we think it will still take 2 to 3 weeks until the restriction is eased but it totally depends on the government's policy, we really appreciate your understanding and patience.

New orders can be accepted and processed normally so are replies to messages. Everyone at ACBJD is safe and well, thank you so much for your concern.

Wish peace and safety for the world too!

Sincerely yours,