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Product Description
Nicole, 57cm Xaga Doll Girl.

Basic Price Includes:
-Basic Doll
-Eyes (random)
-Birth Card

* Skin color in pictures is peach skin.
* The doll is with normal legs & feet, not heel legs/feet.

Measurements with Body Ver.4 (X-F-57D):
-Eyes: 14mm
-Height: 57cm
-Head: 21.5cm
-Neck: 8.2cm
-Shoulder Width: 10.5cm
-Arm Length: 17cm
-Waist: 15cm
-Chest: small (A)-22.6cm, medium (B, default)-23cm, large (C)-24.5cm
-Hips: 23.5cm
-Thigh Circumference: 15cm
-Leg Length: 32cm
-Foot: 6.7*2.5cm