Shang Ling Xian Jun


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Product Description
Shang Ling Xian Jun, 73cm Loong Soul Doll Boy

Default body is B-B73-02.

Basic Price Includes:
Nude doll, Certification head plate, Authentication plate, Birth certificate, Facemask, Air cushion, Official box.

Skin color in pictures is 'imported white' skin.
Clothes is limited 90 sets, clothes doesn't fit 80cm body.
Body Type A means B-B73-02 body, Type B means B-B73-03 (2-part torso) body, Type C means B-B73-03 (3-part torso) body, Type D means B-B80-01 body.
Wig type A means styled wig as in pictures, type B means basic wig (not styled as in pictures).
'Special Parts D' means Shoulder Armor.
Musical Instrument Qin can be added, nude white skin price is USD103/pc (+$42 if with blushing), shipping cost for Qin needs to be calculated separately, please contact us for shipping cost.

Measurements with B-B73-02 body:
Eyes: 16mm
Height: 73.5cm (75cm when with height-increase ankle parts)
Head Circumference: about 21.6cm
Neck Circumference: 10.3cm
Shoulder width: 16.5cm
Chest: 33cm
Waist: 22.5cm
Hips: 29cm
Upper-Arm Circumference: 10.7cm
Shoulder to Wrist: 22cm
Leg length: 38cm
Thigh Circumference: 17.5cm
Calf circumference :13cm
Foot length: 8.5cm
Foot width: 3.4cm