Li Bai


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Product Description
Li Bai, 68cm Loong Soul Doll Boy

Default body is B-B68-02 (2-part torso).

Basic Price Includes:
Nude doll, Certification head plate, Authentication plate, Birth certificate, Facemask, Air cushion, Official box.

* Skin color in pictures is 'imported normal yellow' skin.
* Clothes is 40 sets limited.
* 'Special Parts A' means gourd, 'Special Parts B' means Chinese brush, 'Weapon' means the sword.
* Option 'Body Type', Type A means B-B68-01 body, Type B means B-B68-02 (2-part torso) body, Type C means B-B68-02 (3-part torso) body.
* 'Jointed Hands' is suit for B-B68-02 body, they maybe not very flexible if with B-B68-01 body.

Measurements with B-B68-02:
Eyes: 16mm
Height: 68cm
Head Circumference: about 20.2cm
Neck Circumference: 9.7cm
Shoulder width: 15cm
Chest: 30cm
Waist: 22cm
Hips: 26.9cm
Upper-Arm Circumference: 9.1cm
Shoulder to Wrist: 20.5cm
Leg length: 38cm
Thigh Circumference: 15.6cm
Calf circumference: 11.2cm
Foot length: 8cm
Foot width: 3.1cm