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Product Description
Dika Doll 2018 Christmas Event (2018.12.01 - 2019.01.15):
* 1/3 or 70cm doll: 12% off and can add $38 to get a pair of jointed hands.
* 65cm doll:12% off and can get a pair of heel feet + DK 65cm Female body Ver.2 hands as gift.
* 1/4 doll:12% off and can add $50 to get a pair of jointed hands.
* 1/6 doll:12% off and can get a 1/6 nude head as gift.
* doll body/doll head/jointed hands:10% off.
Important Notes:
* Limited Dolls, new dolls don't take part in the event.
* You can use this USD1 page to add the USD38/USD50.
* Please see DK 65cm Female body Ver.2 hands here...
* All rights reserved by Dika Doll for the event.


Red-Moon, 43cm Dika Doll Doll.
The Price Includes:
Basic Doll
Acrylic Eyes (Random Color)
Birth Card
Cotton Cushion

The wings are only compatible with body ver.1.
The doll is with boy body ver.1 in pictures, please see different verions of body here.
Skin color in pictures is white skin.

Measurements with Body Ver.I:
EYES 12-14MM
Height : 43cm
Head: 18cm
Circumference of neck: 7cm
Width of shoulders: 9cm
Circumference of chest: 17.8cm
Circumference of waist: 14.5cm
Circumference of hips: 19cm
Length of arm: 12.5cm
Back Length: 10cm
Leg Length: 21cm
Thigh Circumference: 10.5cm
Aankle Breadth: 6cm
Feet Length: 5.3cm

Measurements with Body Ver.II:
Height: 46cm
Circumference of neck: 7.6cm
Width of shoulders: 10.5cm
Circumference of chest: 20cm
Circumference of waist: 15.2cm
Circumference of hips: 20cm
Length of arm: 13.2cm
Back Length: 11cm
Leg Length: 24cm
Thigh Circumference: 11.8cm
Feet Length: 5.5cm